Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I login to the site?

You can login to the site by filling the login form at this ink . You can use either your email or username. If you have any problem with login, you can contact us through the supporting chat or the contact us page.

Are your site services available for my country?

All people from any country are welcome to register and participate. However we use PayPal in our money exchange. So please visit this PayPal page to see if your country in the list.

Also we are following the American’s laws and so that might effect the business with some countries.

How can your website help me in searching for a job as a freelancer?

Beside that you can post your skills and services through our website for free and sell them, you can communicate with other freelancers and ask them for help. you can use our forums to write about your skills and get the people attention.

How Does this website works in short answer?

In Short answer, this site work as the following:

For the freelancers:

You can register and post your skills and communicate with other freelancers via forums and the social account. The most important you can build your network of people who have the same jobs and skills and interests so you can develop your career.

For customers:

You register and buy different services with the best prices. You can search hundreds of services and get help through our support chat or contact us page . Also you can post you job or any custom project via post new request form here

How can I pay and get money

You can use PayPal to pay or get money from the site. We might add more ways later. For more information, you can visit PayPal site here

I did not receive the account activation link to my email!

First please check the spam folder in your email account. Most of the time the activation email goes to the spam folder.

Second check if you wrote your email correctly.

Third if the problem still there, please contact us through our supporting chat or through contact us page.

How can I use your site as a freelancer?

You can use our site in three easy steps:

Resister and verify your email

Start posting you micro jobs and skills

Follow up with your clients

Why should I verify my email?

There is no meaning to post a job if you did not get a notification when someone order it. You might not be able to get any notification from us if you do not verify you email. Also the only way to change or restore your password is the email.

General Questions

What kind of website is this and how it’s work? guide me in short please?

This is a micro jobs site for freelancers. If you are a freelancer, you can register and post your jobs and skills to be sold.

In how many language do you support members?

Right now we have support in two languages: English and Arabic.

How many sites for freelancers do you have?

Two. Please feel free to work in any or both.

One for English speaking people:

and another for Arabic speaking people:

I’m pharmacist and I would like to write something about pharmacy.

Yes you can. You can post any skill you want as long as you can sell online and through our site

Can I get full or part time job from your site?

No. Our site only for micro jobs and freelancers.